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A Curated Reading Experience for Doctors and Team Leaders.

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A Better Way to Boost Personal Development:

Curated Reading

Each quarter, you’ll receive two books we’ve chosen to help you enhance your leadership, along with Dustin's Study Guide to lead you and your employees through both books in just 21 days. 

You’ll receive a monthly invitation to join Dustin Burleson on a live coaching call, answering your questions live.

Trusted Experts

You’ll listen to exclusive audio interviews between Dustin Burleson and the best-selling authors of each book. Authors like Seth Godin, Ryan Holiday, Al Ries, Daniel Pink and more.

You’ll hear these key thought leaders, authors and creators share their ideas in interviews you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Tested Tools

In addition to the books, audio interviews and study guides, you will also receive the corresponding Powerpoint and Keynote presentations for each book, capturing the lessons in a monthly team meeting with your employees.

You'll get Dustin's employee handouts and worksheets for each of the books, so you can organize your next team meeting in a cinch.

Proven Results

Use the same resources Dustin Burleson has used to grow his practice from zero patients in 2006 to over 11,000 active patients today and more than $450,000 in revenue per employee.

As an active member in The Burleson Box, you'll receive access to the Monthly Leadership Coaching Call plus two tickets to Dustin Burleson's Annual Leadership Retreat in Orlando, Florida.

Strengthen Your Leadership and Grow More Productive Teams.

This is the program where Dustin Burleson shares key thought leaders, authors, creators and their books with you and your team leaders.

You'll hear exclusive interviews with Dustin Burleson and authors like Seth Godin, Ryan Holiday, Al Ries, Tahl Raz, Daniel Pink and more.

World Class Interviews with Best-Selling Authors & Experts.

In addition to Dustin's curated books and Study Guides, you'll hear in-depth interviews between Dustin and best-selling authors outside the profession of orthodontics and dentistry.

Dustin Burleson will send you his Study Guide and Powerpoint Presentations for each book, so you and your team leaders can quickly and easily hold monthly and quarterly meetings and retreats, covering the lessons in each Burleson Box.

The Burleson Box is Ready.